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Residential Addition & Kitchen/Living Room Remodel

This is a 240 SF addition to a home along with a kitchen addition that also removed several walls to create an open living space.

Kitchen, Bath and Glass Sliding Door Project

This project combined a separate kitchen and living area to create one whole living space which opened up to the rear of the house with a large sliding glass door.

The bathroom was also remodeled by opening up the existing space and providing a new layout.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

In an attempt to address the housing shortage crisis in the greater San Francisco Bay Area

This project adds an accessory unit within an existing single family house.  These units are usually a 1 bedroom / 1 bath and do not exceed 750 SF. 

Kitchen & Bath Remodel

Remodel of a small split bath/water closet and kitchen. The bath was remodeled to look like it was original to the building. The kitchen was a simple remodel by refreshing and refurbishing the existing cabinets and installing new appliances.

Bath Remodel

Remodel of an existing 50 SF bathroom within the same footprint to replace a dated and overused one. The design incorporated a glass accent tile wall and large format porcelain tile. 

Up-Light Wall
Partial remodel of a living and dining room and designing a partial height up-light wall used to delineate the spaces
Steam Shower #1
Bath remodel which included a new steam shower enclosure and updating of plumbing fixtures. The owner designed and installed the #1 mosaic on the green access wall
Oven Cabinet as Display
The owner desired a larger oven in the existing kitchen. The existing cabinets did not allow for enough clearances to install a new oven. The next step was to think outside the box and come up with a concept which worked with the existing space and did not feel out of place. The solution was a new cabinet that did not match the existing ones and also performed an additional function of becoming the display itself. The oven is covered with a painting when not in use.
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